All information below is extracted from Electra Private Equity PLC 's latest Annual Report

Substantial Interests

At 30th September 2018, the Company had received the following notifications of interests of 3% or more in the voting rights attached to the Company’s ordinary shares:


Entity name Voting Rights Notified *Percentage of Voting Rights
Direct No. Indirect No. Direct % Indirect %
Sherborne Investors Management (Guernsey) LLP and its associates - 11,446,086 - 29.90
Prudential PLC Group of Companies - 3,705,099 - 9.67
Fidelity International - 1,970,041 - 5.15
Witan Investment Trust plc 3,921,422 - 10.24 -
Crown Sigma UCITS plc on behalf of Crown Listed Private Equity  1,149,800   3.003  

* Percentage shown as a percentage of 38,282,763 ordinary shares, being the number of shares in issue at 30 September 2018 and 10 December 2018.


No further notifications had been received by 10th December 2018, the latest practicable date before the publication of the Directors’ Report.


Financial calendar

Event Date
Half-Year Reulsts announced May 2019
Annual Results announced December 2019
Annual General Meeting  March 2020


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