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Since 1 October 2016, Electra has distributed over £2.0 billion to shareholders through ordinary dividends, special dividends and share buybacks.


“In the most challenging circumstances, our management teams and their employees have worked tirelessly to protect their businesses and put them in a strong position for future growth. Whatever the course of the pandemic over the coming months, I am confident that we have strong and effective management teams in place, improved product offerings and above all the determination to deliver value to shareholders consistent with our declared strategy.

“The emergence of the pandemic and the resultant impact on equity market values has had the effect of reducing the combined valuation of our three larger investments, TGI Fridays (“Fridays”), Hotter Shoes (“Hotter”) and Sentinel Performance Solutions (“Sentinel”), by £58.4 million (31%) from their valuations last September. Both Fridays and Hotter utilised the first period of lockdown to successfully restructure and have emerged as stronger and more agile businesses.  With significant improvements now implemented, a return to 2019 levels of market activity should provide an opportunity for combined value realisation in excess of pre
Covid-19 valuation levels.”



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Key investments

TGI Fridays
UK franchise of an American themed restaurant chain providing a high energy, fun environment with a wide demographic appeal.
Hotter Shoes
UK’s largest shoe manufacturer with a strong focus on comfort and service.
Sentinel Performance Solutions
A leading UK manufacturer of products to improve the performance of residential heating and hot water systems.