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12/08/2008Interim Management Statement
25/07/2008Electra Completes the Sale of Freightliner
13/06/2008Electra announces the sale of Freightliner
30/05/2008Announcement of Half-Yearly Results for six months ended
31 March 2008
27/05/2008Response to press comment on Electra's holding in Freightliner
31/03/2008Total Voting Rights
19/03/2008Notification of Transaction of Director
17/03/2008Transaction in Own Shares
12/03/2008Notification of Transaction of Director
06/02/2008Annual General Meeting - Results
06/02/2008Interim Management Statement (AGM Statement)
30/01/2008Total Voting Rights
25/01/2008Major Interest in Shares - Prudential plc
22/01/2008Transaction in Own Shares
22/01/2008Notification of Transaction of Director
08/01/2008Annual Report and Accounts and proposed Changes to Electra's Articles of Association
02/01/2008Portfolio Update


Interim Management Statement
12 August 2008

This is an Interim Management Statement issued by Electra in accordance with the FSA�s Disclosure and Transparency Rule 4.3. This statement relates to the three month period from
1 April 2008 to 30 June 2008.

Sir Brian Williamson, Electra�s Chairman said:

�The most recent progress reports received from the largest of Electra�s portfolio companies indicate that the majority are continuing to trade in line with, or better than, budget and above the previous year. However, trading conditions could become tougher as the outlook deteriorates with rising unemployment and further falls in consumer spending. In relation to further portfolio acquisitions, a decline in economic prospects should lead to more reasonable acquisition valuations and an increase in supply of investment opportunities, an attractive position for Electra with strong cash resources.�

1 Unaudited Net Asset Value Per Share

The investment portfolio, which comprises direct investments and investments through third party private equity funds has not been revalued at 30 June 2008. However, calculated on the basis of the net asset value at 31 March 2008 adjusted to reflect the purchases and sales of investments (including anticipated proceeds from the Freightliner sale detailed below), currency movements and bid values in respect of listed investments, the unaudited net asset value at
30 June 2008 was 1,985p per share by comparison with 1,910p at 31 March 2008, an increase of 3.9%.

2 Share Price Performance

Electra�s share price declined by 5.0% over the three months to 30 June 2008 while the FTSE All-Share Index declined by 2.4%. Over the year to 30 June 2008, Electra�s share price decreased by 7.1% while the FTSE All-Share Index decreased by 16.1%.

3 Freightliner

On 13 June 2008 Electra announced that it had entered into a conditional agreement for the sale of its interest in Freightliner. At 31 March 2008 Electra valued its holding in Freightliner at �32.9 million. Electra received net proceeds of �71.1 million in respect of this transaction at completion on 24 July 2008 following receipt of European Commission clearance.

4 Investments and Realisations

Electra invested a total of �15.6 million in the three months to 30 June 2008, including
�13.9 million in private equity funds. This brings the total invested in the nine months to
30 June 2008 to �75.1 million. Investment for the equivalent nine month period last year was �246.6 million.

Realisation proceeds received by Electra were �8.0 million for the three months to
30 June 2008, bringing realisation proceeds to �105.0 million for the nine months to
30 June 2008 (2007: �178.9 million).