Electra Private Equity


What deals have you done in the year to 30 September 2012?
Where will Electra be investing in 2013?
How will shareholder value be generated?
What is the underlying gearing within the portfolio?
What is the underlying gearing within Electra?
Does Electra have sufficient liquidity to meet its commitments to funds?
What credit facilities does Electra have?
What is the ranking of your various debt instruments?
How have currency movements affected you?
Electra has not paid a dividend since March 2008. Will Electra pay dividends in the future?
Does the Board of Electra still operate a share buyback policy?
What is Electra�s view of the private equity market for 2013?
Do you expect to be selling investments in 2013?
What is a Zero Dividend Preference Share (�ZDP�)?
Why did you issue ZDP shares?
What was the placing price of the ZDPs and what is the final capital entitlement?
What is a Convertible Bond?
Why did you raise money through Convertible Bonds in December 2010?
When is interest paid on the Convertible Bond?
What is Electra�s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy?
How will the AIFM Directive affect Electra?
How does the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (�CRC Scheme�) affect Electra?
How will the Retail Distribution Review (�RDR�) affect Electra?
What is FATCA and how does it affect Electra?
How can I buy/sell my shares in Electra?
I am a current/potential investor resident in either the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Japan � can you send me information or documentation regarding Electra?
I have changed my address � how do I notify the Registrar?


How will shareholder value be generated?

Electra�s objective is to achieve a rate of return on shareholders� equity of between 10-15% per year over the long-term. Over the ten years to 30 September 2012, Electra achieved an annualised return on equity of 13%. Electra delivers this value by investing in carefully selected businesses with strong growth potential.

Over the long-term, Electra has consistently out-performed its benchmark, the FTSE All Share, and the sector average. Electra has delivered a diluted NAV per share increase of 224% over the 10 years to 30 September 2012, compared to 13% for the Morningstar PE Index NAV per share return (ex Electra). In the same period, Electra�s share price has increased by 299%, compared to 15% for the Morningstar PE Index share price return (ex Electra).

The FTSE All-Share has returned 66% over the same period.

Electra Partners, the manager of Electra Private Equity PLC, considers investments in all sectors. However, deal origination is focused on investments of a defensive nature that will grow in spite of, or because of, tough conditions. Five macro growth themes of particular interest have been identified: Austerity, Regulation, Ageing, Internationalisation and Ecommerce.