Investment strategy

Electra has been quoted on the London Stock Exchange since 1976. Electra is managed as an HM Revenue and Customs approved investment trust and invests primarily in the private equity mid-market.

Electra’s objective is to achieve a rate of return on equity of between 10-15% per year over the long-term by investing in a portfolio of private equity assets.

The investment focus is principally on Western Europe, with the majority of investments made in the United Kingdom.

The Company attempts to mitigate risk through portfolio diversification. Investments will therefore be made across a broad range of sectors and industries. At the time of investment, not more than 15% of Electra’s total assets will typically be invested in any single investment. If Electra acquires a portfolio of companies in a single transaction, this limitation shall be applied individually to each of the underlying companies purchased and not to the portfolio as a whole.

Electra has a policy to maintain total gearing below 40% of its total assets.

Electra has a policy to return to shareholders a targeted 3% of NAV per annum, by way of cash dividend or share buybacks. Any shares bought back under this policy will be cancelled.

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