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At 30 September 2017, Electra’s investment portfolio was valued at £358 million. The investment portfolio consists of Buyouts and Co-investments, Secondaries, Debt investments, listed securities and funds. 

Investment Portfolio



Buyouts and Co-investments 321 1,461 1,418 1,052 620 600
Secondaries 2 82 92 105 126 34
Debt - 51 17 7 97 80
Fund investments 35 102 103 108 125 154
Investment Portfolio 358 1,696 1,630 1,272 968 868

Buyouts and Co-investments
Buyouts and Co-investments form the major part of Electra’s portfolio and consist of direct equity investments in 7 private companies with an aggregate value of £321 million. The 4 largest investments account for 97% of the Buyouts and Co-investments portfolio at 30 September 2017.

Secondary investments consist of limited partnership interests in third-party private equity funds purchased from investors exiting their positions prior to the end of the fund’s life. As a result of their relative maturity, secondary investments typically produce faster cash returns than Buyouts and Co-investments.

Debt investments consisted of loans to UK or international borrowers acquired in either the primary or the secondary market as either individual or portfolios of assets. The Debt portfolio comprised of both performing credits held through a structured finance vehicle such as a collateralised loan obligation (“CLO”), and stretched credits, which refers to debt in good businesses with bad balance sheets.


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